Fall Harvest Wine Dinner: Featuring Purple Hands Winery

October 9th, 6:30 PM, $110 Per Person, Live Music

Let’s raise our glasses to the beauty and deliciousness of the season at our special Fall Harvest Wine Dinner. Unwind with the exceptional 100% estate-grown wines from the renowned Purple Hands Winery, nestled in the heart of Dundee, OR, including Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from the coveted Shea Vineyard. Each sip finds perfect harmony with our 4-course menu, thoughtfully curated by Chef Rik and his Team, drawing inspiration from the abundant Pacific Northwest. Our menu features an array of seafood, game, and locally sourced, farm-fresh produce.


1st Course

Dundee Reserve Chardonnay 2021

Shiitake Dusted-Seared Halibut Cheeks, Celeriac, Lobster Butter- Fried Challah

2nd Course

Lone Oak Ranch Cuvee, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2022 & West Wind Vineyard Pinot Noir 2022

Wild Sockeye Salmon Tartar, Duck Egg, Smoked-Dried Local Cherry Tomatoes, Tobiki

3rd Course

Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021

Thyme Currant-Crusted Bison Sirloin, Sweet-Charred Leek, Tobacco & Hibiscus Butter

Proudly featuring Bowtie Bison Farm of Davidsonville, MD, A Family Farm Since 1972


Rum Old Fashioned: Papa Pillar, Orange, Luxado 

Hot-Buttered Rum Plantains, Melted Gelato Cream, Citrus Candie


More from Purple Hands Winery…

We celebrate site-specific Pinot Noir that unearths the Willamette Valley’s long evolutionary history. Using traditional winemaking techniques, we strive to produce wines that convey an honest account of each of our vineyards—its grapevines and cultivation, soil and stone, sunshine and rain. All of our wines undergo native fermentation and remain unfined and unfiltered at bottling to preserve their natural, wild character. Achieving elegance in this pursuit is the passion and art of our craft.

Our Story: Native to Oregon vineyards and farmland, owners Cody and Marque Wright are most intrigued by wines that reveal the history of their native landscape. Cody, our winemaker, has been in the cellar his whole life, with stints at home and abroad—following in his father Ken Wright’s footsteps. He and Marque collaborate closely in the pursuit of world-class wines and warm hospitality at Purple Hands Winery.

Our Philosophy: “Life is found in wine’s elusive spirit. It unlocks the pleasure of life cycles, sunshine, and storms. It gathers us around tables—with family, friends, and foes. It fills us. Surprises us. Asks us to love the landscape and demands that we show it care. From the dirt, it delivers unexpected heights. Wine is for everyday life. Below are the most important things in winemaking that keep me focused and listening to my heart and soul as an instrument in the expression of Pinot Noir.”

Quality & Excellence: Continuing to create a legacy of quality and a standard toward excellence that Cody’s family has built in the Oregon Wine industry for the last 40 years and making them and the industry proud in knowing that our styles and techniques are part of upholding the quality of our Oregon Wine industry as the premier Pinot Noir producer of the world.

Sustainability: Our wines bear an unmistakable connection to the earth—and not only because grapes grow in dirt. Air, water, soil, animals—entire ecosystems—make our wines what they are. Knowing this, we do our best to employ sustainable practices throughout our business. Whether we’re sourcing grapes from LIVE and Salmon Safe certified vineyards, hosting a winemaker dinner made from organic ingredients, or building the beautiful floor and bar in our tasting room with lumber salvaged from the 1935 farmhouse they occupy, we search for ways to work in harmony with the natural environment.

Our Vineyard Sources: Flora and fauna come and gone. Seismic events of unbelievable proportion. Ancient oceans, rivers of lava, and crashing floods. The record of all that came before us lives on as layers of soil and stone, hillside slopes, and sun exposures. Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a world-class environment for producing Pinot Noir largely because of this geologic history. At Purple Hands Winery, we believe wine is the perfect interpretive lens for this wild narrative, a slight line into the long, complex story of the living landscape around us. Our volcanic sites originated as lava flows coming down the Columbia Gorge from Eastern Oregon 15 to 6 million years ago to our sedimentary sites originated as ancient sea beds when Western Oregon was under the Pacific Ocean for 35 million years.