Sizzle & Sip: A Steak & Bourbon Experience 

November 13th, 6:30 PM, $125 Per Person, Live Music

Experience an exceptional fusion of flavors at our upcoming event… Sizzle & Sip: A Steak & Bourbon Experience. Delight in a five-course menu, a testament to Chef Rik and his team’s artistry, as each dish celebrates locally sourced, fresh ingredients thoughtfully paired with a curated selection of premium bourbons. Don’t miss out – secure your spot now to participate in this exciting event!




Skillet-Baked Cornbread, Hibiscus-Blueberry Jam

Wiseman Hot Toddy: Kentucky Owl “The Wiseman” Bourbon, Hibiscus, Honey B Local Honey

1st Course

Seared Citrus-Crusted Sushi Grade Tuna: Cherry Blossom Shuyo, Caviar, Citrus Candy Cracker

Gold Rush Bardstown Fusion #9: Local Honey, Meyer Lemon

2nd Course

Lamb Tajin Low & Slow: Arabic Spices, Apricot, Honeycomb, Toasted Almond

Blue Run “Reflections” Old Fashioned

3rd Course

Prime Bone-in Beef Filet Mignon: Sous Vide, Lavender, Smashed Blue Russets, Black Garlic, Bourboned Baby Carrot

Black Manhattan, Willett Rye, Bitters, Amaro


Mis-Steak: Wet Walnut Bourbon Ice Cream

Murray Hill Club, Neat